The history of the Vita-Mix Corporation dates back over 90 years to 1921 when the founder, W.G. “Papa” Barnard started selling “modern” home products. In 1937, he introduced a new product, a blender called the Vita-Mix.

Vitamix Professional Series 500After several years of successfully selling the Vita-Mix through word-of-mouth and at local fairs around the country, “Papa” Barnard booked a 30 minute time slot on a local TV station in Cleveland and took to the airwaves. This first-ever infomercial showed off the benefits of his new machine and made the blender a household word.

Since then, they’ve grown from their headquarters in a small log cabin, built by the founder himself, to a world-class facility in Olmsted Township, Ohio.

Jodi BergThe company is currently lead by Jodi Berg, a fourth generation family member who holds the history of the company close to her heart. She is also a vocal supporter of the same health-first ideas that were made popular by the company founder, “Papa” Barnard.

The Vita-Mix Corporation’s commitment to quality, customer service, and unmatched performance is what makes them the preferred brand of restaurant owners and chefs in both their professional and home kitchens.

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