Vitamix vs Blendtec

When you’re shopping for a high-performance blender, you’ll likely find yourself comparing two well-known brands, Vitamix and Blendtec. It’s a comparison that many others have had to make before purchasing their new blender, and it can be a little confusing.

Vitamix vs Blendtec

Both Vitamix and Blendtec offer some of the world’s top performers, and they are all moderately expensive. This article will highlight the differences between each company and help you decide which is the best fit for your needs.

Horsepower: Who Has the Most?

Blendtec motor size comparisonWhen your blender is capable of blending an iPhone, you know you’ve got plenty of horsepower.

Both Vitamix and Blendtec offer blenders with incredible horsepower! Any of the models sold by either company has more than enough power to handle the ingredients you put in—and, yes, that includes smartphones.

The truth is, most people would have a tough time telling the difference between a smoothie made in a Vitamix and one made in a Blendtec. They both produce a smoothie with a creamy consistency, and they both can heat up a soup using just the friction created by the spinning of the blades. Bottom line: you won’t miss out on much power no matter which model you choose.

When comparing pure horsepower numbers, Blendtec has the slight advantage here. Every Blendtec model that discloses their horsepower number is rated at or above 3-peak horsepower. Most Vitamix blenders are only rated at 2-peak horsepower, with the exception of Next Generation models like the Professional Series 750, Professional Series 300, Vitamix 7500, and Creations Elite, rated at 2.2-peak horsepower.

Warranties: Making Sure You’ll Get Your Money’s Worth

Once again, the Vitamix vs. Blendtec match here is a pretty even draw. Both companies offer seven year warranties with their new blenders that cover both the blender bases and the containers for normal wear and tear.

In addition to the 7-year warranty with the Vitamix, there is an option to add three years of warranty coverage at the time of purchase for an additional $75, bringing the total coverage to 10 years.

Blendtec also offers an additional three years of warranty coverage for $75 if you decide to upgrade when purchasing a new blender.

We think both of these warranties are excellent, so we’re calling this round a tie.

Design and Practicality: The Art of Blending

If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, then it stands to reason that this matchup largely comes down to user preference. Without question, the blenders produced by either company are quite large and bulky. They average between 15″-20″ in height, 5.75″-7.7″ wide, 7.5″-9.5″ deep, and can weigh up to 12.5 lbs.

Blendtec and Vitamix counter height comparisonIt’s important to note that the older model Vitamix blenders are quite tall due to the larger 64 oz container and the taller bases. These models are often too tall to fit under the standard kitchen cabinet if you plan on storing the container on the base.

However, newer Vitamix models, like the Professional Series 750, Professional Series 300, Vitamix 7500, and Creations Elite feature a newly redesigned base and wider, shorter containers. These newer models should have no problem fitting under standard kitchen cabinets.

Who wins here? We have to give it to Blendtec only because they have always been designed to fit under standard kitchen cabinets.

Price: The Bottom Line

We’re not going to mince words: both blenders have some of the highest-priced models on the market. The question is: who offers the better-quality affordable options?

Vitamix blenders range in price from $299 to $689 with an average price around $484. The factory reconditioned Vitamix models are the cheapest of the bunch, starting at $299, but only come with a 5 year warranty.

If that seems steep, consider that Blendtec models range between $279 to $1035 with an average price of about $555. Their factory refurbished models are their most affordable offerings, starting at $279, for the Total Blender Classic Certified Refurbished.

Although both Vitamix and Blendtec offer affordable units, Blendtec has the edge here by offering the cheapest high-performance option, with full 7-year warranty, their Total Blender Classic Certified Refurbished.

Controls: The Difference that Makes the Difference

Finally, some major contrast!

Vitamix 5200 baseVitamix blenders all use a fairly low-tech dial and toggle switch setup. The controls are intuitive and provide you with precise control over the speed with the twist of a dial.

Professional Series controlsBlendtec has taken a more high-tech approach to the controls by implementing either an illuminated touchpad or built-in buttons with presets and speed controls.

Many prefer the Vitamix for its simplicity, but others are always looking for the latest in technology and are big fans of the more technical Blendtec controls. Vitamix is good for simple household recipes while Blendtec’s pre-sets can be good for when you need to handle multiple loads of ingredients—or when you just plain feel like getting fancy.

Vitamix vs Blendtec: Our Choices

If you’re looking for a high-performance blender, you really can’t go wrong with either Vitamix or Blendtec. Both make great blenders with excellent quality, full 7-year warranties and outstanding performance.

It’s easy to see why so many people side with Vitamix. Vitamix’s long, storied history of quality and the simplicity of the controls make the pick of many devoted followers and the choice of so many chefs. The Vitamix 7500 is our pick from the Vitamix lineup. With its updated design, shorter container, and more powerful motor, the Vitamix 7500 is a best Vitamix on the market right now for the money.

On the Blendtec side, the advanced, touchscreen controls and the ability to store any of their models on the countertop under standard kitchen cabinets make it a favorite of those looking for a more high-tech option. Our pick here is the Designer Series 625, with its 3 horsepower motor and flat touchscreen controls.

If you have any comments or questions, please post them in the comments section below. ↓

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  1. Jenn says

    I am looking to buy my first high-performance blender as I make smoothies/juice everyday with frozen fruit & vegetables. As a secondary use, I want to begin using my blender for soups & nut butters. I am not as worried about price as I am about finding a blender that I will keep & enjoy for a long time. I have narrowed it down to the Vitamix 780 & Blendtec 725 blenders – I know they both would be great blenders but I’d love to hear some peoples thoughts on why they like one vs the other.

    Also..for anyone who has used both or is more familiar with high performance blenders than I am.. wondering if you could give your insight on a few questions I have:

    (1) Is the difference in peak horsepower of 2.2 for Vitamix vs 3.8 for Blendtec notable?
    (2) Vitamix has 4 blades & Blendtec has 2 blades – how does that affect performance?
    (3) Does one handle frozen fruit & vegetables better? (“better” meaning: ease of use, time to blend, consistency, etc… noise is not a concern for me)
    (4) In terms of cleaning – they both seem pretty straightforward of just using the pulse feature after filling with water + a drop of dish soap… is there anything else to be aware of?
    (5) In terms of additional costs – the only thing I have noticed is that people buy other container sizes or containers for specific uses (i.e. nut butter for Blendtec) – is there anything else additional you would potentially want to buy?

    I’ve been researching my own via reviews, videos & about anything else I can find but would appreciate any help or thoughts!

    • Adam @ says


      I have used both the Vitamix 780 and the Blendtec 725 and posted detailed reviews of each. In my opinion, these are two of the best blenders you can buy.

      Each has some things I love about it and some things I’m not so fond of. I will admit that currently, the Vitamix 780 is on my countertop and the Blendtec is in storage.

      Three things that influenced this decision: 1. I like the look of the Vitamix better. It just seems like it fit in better with my kitchen design. 2. It’s quieter. I haven’t tested the exact decibel level, but the Vitamix is definitely easier on my ears. 3. I make a lot of nut butters and the Vitamix tamper makes this easier.

      To answer your questions, yes, the difference in horsepower is noticeable. The speed at which the Blendtec 725 heats up soup is scary. The preprogrammed setting takes just 90 seconds to blend and heat up soup! The Vitamix setting runs about 5 minutes.

      As far as the different number of blades, I have found that the Blendtec can manage large chunks of fruits/vegetables. The Vitamix sometimes struggles with bigger chunks since there’s not as much space between the blades.

      For frozen ingredients, the same is true. You’ll want to use smaller chunks of fruit in the Vitamix. The wingtip blades on the Blendtec seems to do a better job of breaking down the big pieces into a manageable size.

      Cleaning in both is relatively easy. Sometimes the Vitamix container can be a little bit trickier to clean, especially with thick recipes like peanut butter, since there’s not a lot of space to get a sponge or brush between the blades and container walls. Also, the Vitamix container isn’t completely flat, so you’ll need to scrub a bit in the crevices.

      As far as additional items I’d recommend, definitely pick up a good quality, smaller spatula. This is invaluable when it comes to getting every last bit out of the container.

      Hope this helps!

  2. Madeleine Innocent says

    It isn’t just about the blender itself. It is also about after sales care. Vitamix, I have belatedly discovered, have a TERRIBLE after sales support. Don’t answer emails, don’t seem to care. I would NOT recommend this product to ANYONE.

  3. Donnie Anderson says

    I’ve read pretty much every review in the world and peoples comments. It seems that Blendtek has a good design with the wildside jar. However with the tamper the Vitamix works 100% of the time although sometimes not as quick as with the wildside jar. But with Blendtek you have no tamper so sometimes you may need to stop the machine to scrape. You can buy a wildside jar for the Vitamix if you really want one. Most people tend to prefer the tamper because it’s there if you need it.

    Blendtek works great 80% of the time, and not as good 20% of the time. Vitamix works good 100% of the time, and what’s the big deal if you have to blend for 20 seconds more 80% of the time compared to Blendtek. It still works all the time with the tamper.

    Blendtek offers the twister jar which works good. But the capacity is small and it’s not sealed. I’ve heard many people say it does work good but it does have it’s flaws. Vitamix on the other hand has the tamper so you can make full batches of nut butter in the regular jar. It may not work as quick as the twister jar, but who cares. It still works and it doesn’t have the limitations of the twister jar.

    As for reliability. Vitamix uses the analogue controls because they just plain work. Just like a good commercial machine they are designed to last 20+ years and there are lots of 20+ year old Vitamix blendrs in operation. Blendtek uses the digital control which is nice and all, but who needs a pre-programmed setting for a smoothie or soup. Turn the blender on and let it spin till it’s done and turn it off. Who’s to say every smoothie in the world takes the exact same time. I’d rather have just a speed setting, on/off, and pulse. I’ve heard many horror stories with Blendteks not lasting but tons of how the Vitamix lasts forever.

    In the end both are good blenders. But I think of it like a Corvette vs a Porsche. Blendtek is like a Corvette. Yes it may have more power, better specs, etc… and that’s not bad for a $100,000 car with the specs of a Ferarri. But I’d rather drive the Porsche. It’s a more comfortable ride with better traction control and all wheel drive. It can drive in the snow. It works all the time. Vitamix may not work as good as a blendtek sometimes, but it works great all the time and for a long time. That’s why restaurants use Vitamix, they just plain work.

    • Vince says

      You clearly have never owned a Porsche if you think they are good in the snow, and, worse, if you think they never fail.

    • Richard says

      That’s all well and good; but I don’t think you have ever rode in a Porsche! I am not a Chevy fan. Though, I would would rather ride in a corvette than a Porsche any day. Porsche sells a brand not a product. Some would rather look rich than be efficient.

      Blend tech is made here in the states and has an outstanding warranty. Whether you but new or refurbished.
      Say what you will about vitamix.
      Blendtec is a better company.

    • says

      Your comments are showing the mentality of a person who still thinks the world is flat & that a plunger is needed to create smooth results-
      Each consumer decides for themselves what makes most sense for their life.
      Both machines are the best of what we humans are currently capable of….
      If you do your due diligence you will see
      Vitamix has followed & attempted to COPY
      Blendtec engineering for decades
      That’s a compliment to Blendtec

  4. says

    I’m still at a loss on which blender to buy! My nephew is a DO & they use Vitamix 750 & love it. Both Blendtec & Vitamix seem to be equal in quality & cost, still can’t make up my mind!! HELP.

    • says

      Find a Costco warehouse
      Watch both company demos
      Decide what’s best for YOU
      Pay attention to which company has reps that don’t know company history
      Trash their competitor
      You might find yourself
      A lifelong
      Blendtec owner
      Research & Development
      Wrapped in customer satisfaction

  5. Lindsay says

    Hi there,

    Pretty sure I’ve narrowed it down to a Blendtec in wanting to purchase a new blender. But, my problem is what model should I choose? What would you recommend? As I its the Designer series, which model? Ah tips would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,


    • says

      Until you get into the 700 Designer Series
      You still have the industry leader in warranty & power-
      Tap screen vs touchscreen
      Price & value depends upon the look you might want in your home-
      Bed Bath
      Have designer series
      Costco has the straight ahead powerhouse of the industry

  6. LF says

    Thank you for the comparison. I recently purchased a Vitamix (Professional Series 200). Right out of the box the unit left significant amounts of black, Teflon shavings throughout the 3 normal wash cycles I put it through. Not to mention the lid immediately leaked. Vitamix is well aware of this problem (see online articles, consumer complaints, youtube videos, posts to Vitamix’s own Facebook page, etc.). The “solution” seems to be for Vitamix to send you another jar and hope it works. Otherwise, they’ll continue to sell the defective design while planning to release a new jar at the end of 2015. Needless to say, I have zero faith in Vitamix’s quality. I will also not eat Teflon (and there is a lot of it after only 30 seconds). After years of weighing Blendtec vs Vitamix reviews, I finally pulled the trigger and bought the Vitamix. I am sorely disappointed. The Vitamix will be returned tomorrow and hopefully I’ll have better luck with a Blendtec.

    • Adam @ says


      I’m sorry to hear you had such a negative experience with your Professional Series 200.

      I’ve been seeing fewer reports of the black particle issues over the past few months, so I have confidence that Vitamix is working hard to resolve the problem with a permanent solution. That said, it is possible that the unit you purchased was produced a few months ago, but was sitting in inventory at the store you purchased it from, which is why it hasn’t been replaced with a newer container, but I can understand your frustration.

      I hope you have better luck with your Blendtec!

      • LF says

        Per Vitamix on Facebook: “we are working toward possible modifications to the seal that we hope to have in place later this year”. This is the same response I have received via telephone. The manufacturer’s sticker on my unit says “07-JAN-2015”. The below Buzzfeed post about the issue is from last month and comments that Vitamix has been receiving complaints about the Teflon shavings since Spring of 2013. Instead of actually solving the problem in a timely manner, they’re taking all of 2015 to “hopefully” find a solution while continuing to sell the defective blenders. Your justification that the unit might have been made earlier but sitting in inventory (as if that’s an acceptable excuse) is interesting. Earlier you argued the safety of the Teflon due to Dupont’s phasing out of PFOA by 2013. [If you review their website, the plan is to phase out by 2015]. What’s to say the Teflon parts weren’t made prior to PFOA phase-out, just sitting in inventory, prior to making it into my Vitamix? Speaking of your previous comments, as well as comments made by other scientists, toxicologists, etc. to this article (pretty much any negative comment about the shavings) where did all of these comments go? Interestingly it appears as if they’ve all been deleted?

        • Adam @ says

          Thank you for the update on the manufacturing date. It is sad to hear that this continues to be a problem.

          I can’t speak to the comments on the Buzzfeed article, but I can say that I haven’t deleted any comments on the issue from this post.

          I really do hope that they fix this issue as soon as possible.


      As a reviewer and the Executive Chef for the Food Channel USA
      I have tried both the Vitamix as well as the Blendtec.
      My opinion as well as others has been documented that The Vitamix is a far more inferior Product .
      Reasons and Studies:
      1. Blendtec 3.0 horsepower vs 2.5
      2. Blendtec 40,000 rpm’s vs 20,000
      3. Blendtec certified surgical # 5 Blunt Blade vs A blade that releases Teflon from there cross-blades.
      4. Blendtec actually builds a cyclonic aversion which pulverizes Skins, Seeds, Stems and pits vs ” A PLUNGER ”
      5. Blendtec pulverizes From the top to the bottom vs The Vitamix GRINDS from the bottom to the top.
      6. Blendtec Cooks soups in 2 minutes vs 4 minutes and 35 seconds.
      7. Blendtec’s Wildside jar was copied by Vitamix and lost Millions of dollars in a recent law case, which provided Blendtec to sell there Wildside Jar to VITAMIX.
      8. Blendtec Warranty is 8 years vs 6 -7 years
      9. Blendtec has zero recalls vs Vitamix = Many
      10.Blendtec New Blenders are $ 200-375 less expensive then Vitamix.

      The FDA Blog
      Fuel / Nurture / Create
      September 10, 2012 BY Bruce Carlson / 29 Comments
      Federal Circuit Court Upholds Blendtec’s $24M Patent Infringement Award
      Utah-based blender company grateful for resolution in 7-year dispute.

      OREM, UTAH – September 10, 2012. The Federal Circuit of Appeals on Thursday upheld Blendtec’s $24 million willful patent infringement award, rejecting Vita-Mix Corp.’s appeal of the damages that a Utah federal court ordered Vita-Mix to pay its rival for selling blenders that infringed two of Blendtec’s patents.

      “This decision sends a strong message to those who would attempt to profit from the labor and ideas of someone else. Truly it’s a win for America’s visionaries, innovators, and entrepreneurs, who build dreams, create jobs, and positively impact the economy,” says Tom Dickson, founder and CEO of Blendtec, who invented the revolutionary WildSide™ jar, which was the subject of the case.

      “As we close this chapter, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to the many individuals—patent examiners, judges, jurors, attorneys, and many others—who devoted their time and effort to protecting intellectual property rights and produced a fair and accurate outcome.”

      In the ruling issued September 6, Federal Circuit Judges Pauline Newman, Alan Lourie, and Sharon Prost affirmed the US District Court’s earlier ruling that Vita-Mix had knowingly and irreparably harmed Blendtec by intentionally copying the company’s WildSide* jar—a five-sided container that blends more quickly and completely than other containers.

      The affirmation should bring to a close the protracted legal efforts by Utah-based Blendtec to protect its intellectual assets, upholding the lower court’s $24 million damages award—one of the largest patent infringement awards in the history of Utah.

      Innovator versus Imitator

      Tom Dickson, Blendtec founder and CEO, as well as inventor of the WildSide Jar

      Since 1991, Blendtec has pioneered high-powered blender technology for use in commercial and residential settings. In 2001 Blendtec introduced the WildSide jar, designed with a distinctive fifth side. Competitor Vita-Mix noticed. After attempting—and failing—to devise a competitive jar of its own, Vita-Mix decided to willfully copy Blendtec’s design.

      District court documents cite former Vita-Mix employees, such as Scott Hinckley, Vita-Mix’s marketing director at the time, who wrote the following in an email about a customer: “They absolutely LOVE the new Blendtec container. This is an example of how it stacks up to ours: In our machine: 2 drinks take 30 seconds. 3 or more are impossible. In Blendtec’s new container: 4 drinks in 15 seconds.”

      Jonathan Katz, the director of engineering at Vita-Mix at the time, testified that “although Vita-Mix considered other, design-around concepts, it ultimately chose to continue its infringing design.”

      An Appeal without Merit

      Throughout the legal process, the evidence was reviewed by numerous individuals, including the trial jury, seven federal judges and four patent examiners—all of whom were unanimous in their support of Blendtec’s case.

      The Federal Court of Appeals concluded, “We have considered Vita-Mix’s remaining arguments and conclude that they are without merit.…The judgment of the district court is affirmed.”

      For the full text of the opinion of the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, see

      Chef Gregory Adams

      • sean says

        That’s the best comment here. Why couldn’t the article itself have laid out everything you just did. Thank you very much for contributing a more comprehensive comparison than the article. I think you sold me as well…. although the black flakes issue alone is enough to send me to blend tec

  7. elaine says

    This discussion has been very helpful. My experience has been primarily w/the Blendtec. I had mine for 2 years, it broke, & I returned it to Costco in Dec. Bought the new version at Costco & hated it!! Shockingly loud!! Loud enough that I feared we would have damaged hearing. I’m very surprised there is not more discussion about the decibel levels of the 2 brands. I took the Blendtec back & bought the Vitamix 5200 at Costco. What a huge, huge difference. The Vitamix was super quiet. Who cares that the thing is taller? It won’t make me go deaf from the harsh loud noise!! ! We’ve used the Vitamix almost every day & all 8 of us prefer it over the Blendtec.

    • Lonnie Z. says

      Hello Elaine,

      just checking in to see how your Vitamix is working for you? I have owned a Blendtec for four years and have replaced three units and numerous jars due to the bearing issues they seem to have. Even though I still have four years left on my warranty I am tempted to buy a Vitamix.

  8. grnmach says

    Interested in purchasing Vitamix but I recently read post regarding “black shavings- like pepper in drink”
    Vitamix claims there Okay to ingest.
    Any knowledge of claim?

    • Adam @ says

      I have heard some reports of this on various sites, but haven’t experienced it myself. My understanding is that it was a limited batch of containers that had the issue and Vitamix has been working hard to replace them.

      Vitamix has always been very easy to work with on any return or replacement issue and will always pay for shipping both ways.

  9. OutdoorLady says

    Thanks to Adam, for his excellent knowledge along with link to comparison tool, and to all those who posted previous comments, my final decision is… Blendtec with Wildside jar. As this will be a gift from my daughter, she put serious pressure on me to get the Vitamix. I held my ground based on the following: I am a baby boomer (64 yrs. old, 110 lbs.) with a history of torn discs in my lower back; I am not growing younger/stronger. My kitchen has *non*-standard cabinets with only 15.75″ clearance where I want to park this; the S30 is the only Vitamix that will fit there. Using the comparison chart it was a no-brainer… do I want to have to bend down to a lower cabinet to *lift* 12+ lbs. of a bigger, better Vitamix vs. S30, and return it every day from/to its storage, or have the luxury of leaving an equivalent (if not better) Blendtec on the countertop? Learning that Vitamix “lost” a 7+ yr. patent infringement case to Blendtec over the 5-sided (Wildside) jar, obviously affirmed that jar/design has merit and Blendtec is considered serious competition. The only negative I’ve read is that because of the lighter weight, the Blendtec may try to *walk* with certain ingredients. I intend to use the pulse button for a few zaps before hitting the program button to circumvent that issue. This decision was approached the same way I view purchasing a computer… first determine what your needs are and how you intend to use it before deciding on the make and model. Yes – I have a wonderful daughter!

    • Adam @ says

      Sounds like you certainly did your research and I’m happy that you found the information and comparison tools on this site to be helpful!

      I’m positive you will enjoy your new Blendtec!

  10. Shahira says

    No one refers to noise levels between vitamix and blentec. I purchased a blendtec and find it extremely loud. Is the Vitamix comparable in this aspect also? Is the new Vitamix S30 only good for expensive smoothies ?

    • Adam @ says

      Both Vitamix and Blendtec blenders are going to be very loud because they pack a lot of power into a small package, but some Blendtec blenders are a bit louder than the average, specifically, the Total Blender.

      The S30 is definitely good for more than just expensive smoothies! The S30 comes with both the travel size, 20 ounce container and a larger, 40 ounce container, so the amount you’ll be able to make it somewhat limited.

      I have used it to make all sorts of recipes and it does very well with single servings of soup.

    • Stephanie says

      I’ve owned both a Vitamix 5200 and the Blendtec Total Blender and can say from experience that the Blendtec was louder.

  11. Mistie says

    After using both the Vitamix and the Blendtec, I prefer the Vitamix. I found that the Blendtec jumped around the counter while the Vitamix doesn’t. I also found that the contents splash up the sides of the Blendtec a lot more than they do in the Vitamix so more is lost. I realize I could use a spatula to scrape it out, but I don’t need to with the Vitamix. As someone else said, I did find that there’s more air in a smoothie and it’s more frothy in the Blendtec than in the Vitamix. I’ve heard of the trick to get the air out, but it’s not necessary in the Vitamix. I also like that in the tall (non low profile) container of the Vitamix that it’s possible to make smaller portions of smoothies and nut butters than it is in the Blendtec wildside jar. Lastly, I sometimes found that I wished I had a tamper for the Blendtec.

    I do love the mini twister jar for the Blendtec for making nut butters, hummus, and sorbets! That little jar rocks!

    All that said, I do think they’re both excellent blenders!

    • Elizabeth says

      I’ve often wondered about the wider container on the Vitamix, if it made it harder to make smaller portions. I’m guessing that the Blendtec has similar problems since those containers are also really wide.

    • Adam @ says

      You sure can! Blendtec will heat up soup using only the friction created by the blades spinning, just like Vitamix does and will take about 5 minutes.

  12. Glen says

    I read in a couple of places that the Blendtec adds more air to the smoothie, making it frothier than the Vitamix results, which are described as creamier. I’m not sure I have a consistency preference but I would prefer to reduce the amount of air that goes into my digestive tract! Can you please comment? Thanks!

    • Adam @ says

      Both Vitamix and Blendtec will add a bit of air to smoothies or soups due to the high speed blending action. But, there is a fairly simple tip that you can follow to remove much of that air though.

      Once you’re finished blending, just turn the blender to its lowest speed setting and slowly increase the speed until you can see the top of the liquid start to turn (usually around speed 3 or 4, but it depends on the thickness of the liquid). Let it run at this setting for a few seconds, then turn it off and you should see a bunch of bubbles rise to the top once it stops. You can repeat this trick a few times to get even more air out of the mixture and have a smoother consistency.

  13. Heidi Kurz says

    I’m thinking about buying the Blendtec with the wildside jar, but I’d like to know if it would be worth it to buy the twister jar as well, since we make alot of nut butters?

    • Adam @ says

      I would absolutely recommend getting the Twister jar if you’re going to be making a lot of nut butters. The Twister lid has tongs on it that scrape the walls of the container while blending and push thick mixtures back down into the blades.

  14. Vrenda says

    Hi Adam.

    I have a vitamix for making pet food, and it overheats in about 10 seconds, and shuts down from just grinding raw meat [no bones]. I then must wait approx 15 minutes for the motor to cool down to be able to function for another short burst, and this cycle repeats until I am done. It can take hours.

    I really need a machine that can grind raw chicken with bones for pet food. Which Blendtec machine, if any, can do this? Thank you.

    • Adam @ says


      I’ve never tested any Blendtec by grinding raw chicken with bones, but I recommend taking a look at either the Stealth or the Tom Dickson Extreme models. Both of these models pack motors that are 3+ horsepower and were originally engineered for commercial settings.

      Blendtec has shown they’re able to blend much tougher things in their Will It Blend videos.

  15. Lonnie says

    Just want to say that I’m a long time Blendtec owner (8 years) and I’ve never had a problem. The thing is built like a tank and hasn’t let me down since day one.

    • Lee says

      Which blendtec do you have and do you make alot of smoothies and ice cream… I also heard the blendtec doesn’t stay seated on the counter very well?

  16. VP says

    I bought my blendtec combo total blender nov 2012 from for my birthday. It has been only 18 months and my blender motor started making weird noise and wildside jar would not blend. Not sure the problem lied with the jar blade along with the motor going out. But it was making loud cranking noise with blender blade not moving or blending. Thank god I had purchased it from Costco so I returned it with full credit.

    My huge disappointment with Blendtec after spending $400+ it stopped working within first 18 months of 8 yrs warranty. When I went to return the blender there were 3 more sitting at the customer svc desk as return item. Quality may have gone down who knows. May be parts are made in china and assembled in US. I used to swear by blendtec and now I will NOT recommend it to any one. I have to start my research all over again to see which blender I should buy and whether I should buy something inexpensive or invest larger sum.

    Disappointed customer :(

    • Adam @ says

      I’m not sure I’d jump to conclusions about why those other 3 blenders were being returned. Some returns are simply people who decide they aren’t using them enough to justify the high cost and would rather return them than have them take up space on their countertop or store them in a cabinet.

      That said, the fact blenders from either manufacturers carry a 5, 7 or 8 year, full warranty means that both companies strongly believe that they produce a quality product and are willing to stand behind the products they build. In today’s market, where cheaply made products with little-to-no warranty are popping up all over, having a company back a product like this is rather rare.

      • vp says

        by saying “lets not jump to conclusion” you are surely jumping to conclusion abt those 3 returns. You don’t know the conversation I had with the customer service when I had to return mine.

        One of those 3 blenders sitting there was retuned by my neighbor-friend. A brand new blendtec she bought for a party she was having that wknd to blend all sauces and soups. Guess what? She was excited and set it up to use it and it would not work. None of the lights-tabs work. Lights were flashing. It was inoperable period. So w/o knowing facts do not call someone “Jumping to conclusion” by saying that you are doing exactly what you are trying to preach. Everyone has a right to opinion derived from their experiences..Be it happy or disappointed.

        Live and let live. Cheers!!

        • Marissa says

          VP, I think you are being unreasonable and just saying things because you are not happy with your experience. Surely, some people return things because they are broken, but you are assuming that all Blendtec’s are junk and this is not the case.

          I have owned one myself for 5 years without any issues and am now researching other options because it is time to upgrade. I hope you find the right one for you.

      • Lonnie Z. says

        I have had a similar experience with Blendtec. I have went through three units and multiple jars due to the bearing leaking oil. I have not complained in the past because I would call customer service and two days later I would have a new (refurbished) blender sent to me. Today I called and they stated I had to fax a copy of my receipt (from four years ago) before they would send a replacement unit. Then they said I would have to send my blender to them before they would send a replacement. They always tend to blame the user for the blade having issues. Now to be fair my first jar I would wash in the dishwasher and I never hand spun the blade prior to using. Once I was told about the dishwasher and spinning the blade I still have had issues with the blade seizing/hard to spin or leaking oil and or plastic into my food. Im seriously considering purchasing a Vitamix.

  17. Linda Cannon says

    I purchased a Blendtec in 2011. I had the wildside jar replaced last year due to the nut seal under the jar was leaking oil which I assumed it must be coming from where the jar connects to the machine. It’s happening again and I was wondering if this is a normal problem or should I send it back again. I love my Blendtec, I use it 4-5 times per week.

    Any other owners have this problem??

    • Sally says

      I’ve had similar problems with my older Vitamix in the past, so it sounds like it could just be a result of using it so much. The good thing is that the containers are covered under warranty so I just sent it back and got a new one within a week.

      • charlie J says

        I bought a Blendtec in 2009 and I had the jar replaced do to what i thought was excessive wear.
        I did have to send it to them first ok, but within a week I received a new container.
        Recently I have noticed an odor under the blade unit. I told Blendtec and they said I have 8 years from the time i bought it to return it for a replacement at no cost to me.

    • Richard Brown says

      I love the Blendtec… but I’m now on my third Wildside jar because the bearings/blade keep failing. Does Vitamix have these issues?

      • Adam @ says

        Over the years, I’ve personally never experienced any issues with either Vitamix or Blendtec bearings or containers, but I have heard of people having issues with both over the years. Recently, there seems to be an increase of issues with Vitamix related to leaking bearing grease.

      • Jay says

        This problem happens to me all the time. Running a juice bar with blendtec blender. The last two years I have more than six blendtec jar with this problem. Two jars with the blade wing broke off. At least with vitamix jar you can change the bearings/blade part. The blade wings broke off is kind of dangerous so I changing to vitamix for the juice bar.

  18. Tricia says

    Hi! I’m completely torn. I don’t know whether to get the Vitamix 7500 or one of the Blendecs? I was all set to order the 7500 when I read a review that if you do alot of heavy vegetables (I’m hoping to make alot of beet, kale, etc. smoothies) and it said that the Vitamix you have to constantly use the tamper. The Blendec you don’t need a tamper…it just chops and smoothes it right away. Do you know if that’s true? Any help would be so appreciated! Thank you so much.

    • Adam @ says

      The need for the tamper really depends on the ratio of solids/liquids in the container. Both Vitamix and Blendtec do really well if there is a good amount of liquid in the recipe (like with juices or smoothies), but both will still struggle if you’re making thicker mixtures, like hummus or peanut butter.

      In these cases, the tamper is really essential and it’s good that Vitamix comes with one. With the Blendtec, you’ll probably end up having to turn of the motor and scrape/push the ingredients back down towards the blades.

    • Al says

      I hardly ever use a tamper in my Vitamix. Had it 12 years and use it 2-6 times a week–including with beets, carrots celery & etc.

  19. Adrin says

    What about the Blendtec being able to do dry in the same container versus the vitamix needing a separate container to do this work? Can you speak to that point?

    • Adam @ says


      You’re right, Vitamix does sell a separate container that is specifically engineered for dry blending while Blendtec does not, but there is certainly nothing stopping you from blending dry ingredients in the normal Vitamix container.

      The blade and shape of the Vitamix dry container are designed to direct the ingredients in an upward motion instead of the typical downward motion of the normal container. This difference helps to keep the dry ingredients cooler during the 60-90 seconds of blending and helps prevent the container from being scratched and pitted by the dry ingredients, which causes it to become cloudy and more likely to retain smells.

      For occasional dry blending the Vitamix container does just fine, however, if you plan on doing a lot of dry blending, you may find it helpful to buy the separate container.

  20. Dixie Lundquist says

    Do either blender have a screw-off bottom or do you have to access the ingredients from the top? I had a blender before my Vita-Mix that I could screw off the bottom and scraping out nut butters and other sticky stuff was much easier that it is with my Vita-Mix.

    • Adam @ says


      The only blender from either manufacturer that has a removable bottom is the Vitamix S30. One set of blades are shared between both containers, 20 ounce and 40 ounce.

  21. Jennifer says

    Thanks so much for all the information here! After a few hours of research, I decided to go with the Blendtec refurbished because of the longer warranty.

    Can’t wait to get it and start blending healthy smoothies and soups!

  22. Davey says

    I have used both many times, and the Vitamix is better in my opinion.
    The Blendtec always leaves chunks when making a smoothie with frozen fruit.
    It has something to do with the blade/pitcher design.
    The Vitamix pulverizes everything better.

    • Elaine says

      I agree love my Vita-mix my sister bought a blend tech and she returned it for a Vitamix. She said my Vita-mix is better by far.

    • Nicky says

      My mom has a Vitamix and I have a Blendtec, and neither leave chunks. Both make very smooth smoothies. If you’re not following a recipe, or at least using the same proportions of wet/fruit/ice that the recipes use, you might need to manually pulse a time or two after using the “smoothie” setting, because the automatic setting assumes those proportions.

  23. Matthew says

    I’ve been doing some research before making a purchase and this site has been super helpful. Thanks for compiling all of this information!

    The blender comparison tool has been especially helpful :)

    • Adam @ says

      Both the Designer Series and Total Blender models have preprogrammed settings for smoothies and soups. I’d definitely recommend taking a closer look at either of those models.

  24. Deanna Martin says

    I really like the blendtec, especially the design. I’m not as knowledgeable about the vitamix, but I’m sure it’s a personal choice.
    I like the smoothies I make for my grandson. I can get a few veggies in and they don’t know the difference.

  25. Neil says

    I recently purchased a refurbished Vitamix and couldn’t be more pleased with it. We had our last Vitamix for 30 years and it still worked great.Vitamix also gave me a $100 trade in on it. I have no doubt that the Blentec is also a great machine, so it’s a matter of personal preference. Horsepower alone shouldn’t be a deciding factor. Beyond a certain point, horsepower is more a marketing tool than a need. Great review. Thanx.

  26. D.H. says

    Thank you Adam! I too am in the process of losing weight. I need a juicer/blender and I was wondering if I should get and Vitamix or Blendec. I was in one of the William Sonoma stores in my area and a sales lady recommended the Vitamix (7500).That particular make comes with a huge recipe book and there’s another recipe book put out by the Vitamix company that I’m going to purchase.Another customer came in the store and confirmed it was the best purchase she’s ever made. Thank you so much for the article!

    • Adam @ says

      The Vitamix 7500 is a great choice, as are all of the next generation Vitamix models (7500, Pro Series 300, or Pro Series 750). I absolutely love mine!

      Definitely consider the refurbished models as well. They can save you quite a bit of money and I can’t say enough about the quality!

  27. Gabe says

    Can anyone recommend one a model in either brand that is somewhat quieter? I get that the HP/motor is why they are unusually loud but I can’t have that noise in my house in the mornings right now.

  28. Mary Jo says

    Can anyone comment on the cleaning of the Blendtec jar? I was really sold on the demo of the Vitamix that allowed for some hot water, soap and a couple of on/off surges of the machine. I’m really hoping not to have to reach my hand into the jar with the very sharp blades if I can avoid it.

    Any information would be greatly appreciated.

    • Adam @ says

      Mary Jo,

      The cleaning process for the Blendtec is exactly the same, fill it partially with hot water, a few drops of soap, and let it run on high for about 30 seconds. The blender will do most of the work for you.

      For stickier recipes, like peanut butter or hummus, it might be necessary to use a sponge to loosen some of the leftovers, but the larger diameter opening of the Blendtec container makes this pretty easy.

      • Karen says

        I have a brush for cleaning baby bottles from Babies R Us that I got especially for getting the sticky stuff out of the bottom of my Vitamix. It’s fast and easy.

    • Lynne says

      I have the Blendtec and the jar is cleaned in the same manner as the Vitamix. So you don’t have to worry about reaching your hand in and touching the blade. Happy blending!!

    • Adam @ says


      The Blendtec can make juice, but it is not the same type of juice you’ll get from a traditional juicer. It’s typically referred to as whole juice because it contains more nutrients than the juice you’ll get from a normal juicer. For a more in-depth look at the difference, take a look at this article by Blendtec, Traditional Juicing vs. Whole Juicing.

      Hope that is helpful!

    • Adam @ says

      The Stealth is definitely targeted to the high-end market. It would fit perfect in a kitchen with other high-end appliances like a Viking range, which can cost upwards of $6,000. It’s definitely not for everyone, and I think that is the point.

      One thing that makes it special is the sound enclosure lid. Currently, you won’t find that on any other high-end household blender on the market.

  29. Joe says

    Have a Vitamix and thinking about a new one or a blendtec. Not sure what would do best for everything I want it for. Have spent a lot of time on reviews but to be honest it almost seems like a draw right now. Any help would be great. Thanks.

    • Adam @ says

      Joe, when it comes to price, performance, and warranty, Vitamix and Blendtec are nearly equals. It is a tie in many areas and for a lot of people, it comes down to personal preference.

      The design and controls are the two big differentiators that usually help people break the tie. Also, if you’re thinking about grinding your own fresh flours, I’d say go with Blendtec, since it doesn’t require a separate container.

  30. Linda says

    Which would be the best to mill into flour? And, would I have to purchase special blades?

    Appreciating your input,

      • Jenn says

        I have read/seen on a couple places (even that you do NOT need a dry container.
        It is recommend for those who will be using it for dry ingredients primarily, but you can indeed use the wet blade container lol. The reason they made the container is that it pushes the dry ingredients up instead of pulling the ingredients down (like the wet blade does.) they also suggest using a dry container because hard ingredients will scratch up the container after awhile. There’s nothing wrong with using the wet container.

  31. Laura says

    It really seems like a toss up from what I’ve read in most of the online comparisons. Basically just comes down to personal preference.

  32. Robin Wilson says

    Undecided between the Blendtec certified refurbished and Vitamix certified reconditioned. Both have models priced at $279, but it seems that the Vitamix version only has two speeds.

    Would Blendtec be a better deal if I want variable speed?

    • Adam @ says

      If you’re looking for the best deal with the variable speed controls, the Blendtec Total Blender Classic Refurbished is going to be the cheaper package, but the Vitamix Certified Reconditioned Standard is currently on sale for $299 (it is normally $329). The Blendtec also comes with the full, 7 year warranty.

    • Adam @ says

      You’re right, any of the models that come with the preset settings will turn off automatically at the end of the cycle. Thank you for calling that out!

  33. Jason Johnson says

    Sams club is now offering the blentec for $399 and also comes with the Wild side jar and the mini twister jar. Normally the mini twister option is $120 so this is by far the best bang for the buckI bbelieve. I also like the ability to set and walk away where it’s quieter, lol.

  34. Stella says

    I’m torn between the two. Once upon a time, I would have said blendtec hands down. Then I found out about something extremely horrible that the owner did, and in good conscience I don’t know if I can stomach giving money to someone who would do that. But it’s significantly cheaper (at costco), smaller, and due to medical concerns I am on a nearly completely liquid, fiber-free diet. The only way I’m going to be able to consume whole foods is to liquefy them.
    Do you think it’s worth paying several hundred dollars more for the Vitamix if your very soul bleeds at the thought of in any way contributing to the riches or continued existence of the Dickson family?

    • Vrenda says

      Hi Stella. Can you share some information, or a link to information, about what you have found out about what the owner did. I’m deciding if I should get a Blendtec or not, and I too do not like supporting certain companies, if they have questionable ethics behind them. Thanks so much.

    • bzribee says

      Stella, I have no idea if you’ll see this, but I am wondering if you are on a low-residue diet. My mom is on this; she can’t have hardly any fiber and it is working for her, but I”m trying unsuccessfully to find folks on low-residue to see if they can tolerate pulverized veggies, in the form of smoothies or “ice cream”. If this applies to you, I’d sure appreciate hearing about your experiences. If my edress doesn’t show up you can reach me at bzribee at yahoo dot com.

    • DLH says

      Thank you for reminding me to do one more step in my research. I am going with a Vitamix 7500, as I don’t buy from people with certain affiliations.

      • Lorrie says

        I’m trying to decide between the Vitamix and the Blendtec. I try to support those that I would stand behind. Can you say what is the questionable affiliation of the Blendtec people. I’m not trying to judge, I just want to be able to live with my choice.
        Thank you and God bless. Lorrie

    • Lorrie says

      I’m torn between the Blendtec and the Vitamix. I weigh the balance of who I support, so could you please reveal a link or website that would let me know what Tom Dickson did. I would appreciate knowing very much, so I can make a decision on which blender to go with. Thank you, Lorrie

  35. matt says

    I just purchased a vitamix 5200 ultimate edition from costco, it was around $780 after taxes, i am just wondering how this compares to the blendtec tom dickson extreme and if it is worth the $1035, will the tom dickson be better for doing everything or is it just un-needed power for more $$ ? does the blendtec do anything my vitamix won’t?

    • Adam @ says

      If you’re looking for the best that money can buy, the Tom Dickson Extreme is it! The warranty on it, a full 10 years, is the longest I’ve ever heard of on a kitchen appliance and the motor is more powerful (and probably louder) than my lawnmower.

      All that said, it really is a lot more power than you’ll probably ever use. If you’ve seen the “Will It Blend” videos ( you’ve seen what a 3.5HP blender can do and unless you’re blending iPhone smoothies, you probably won’t come close to using most of its power.

      But, if you have the extra money and don’t want to worry about buying a replacement blender for at least the next 10 years, I’d say it is the one to buy. Otherwise, you’re already guaranteed to be very happy with the 5200 for at least the next 7 years.

    • Adam @ says

      I haven’t tried blending collards, but both Vitamix and Blendtec can handle leafy greens without any problems. The green smoothies I’ve made in either blender are silky smooth with no chunks of kale left.

        • Adam @ says

          I typically pull the stems off, because they tend to have a pretty strong flavor, but I have blended kale with the stems on before. The smoothie does get pretty thick when the stems are blended, because of all of the fiber, but adding a little extra water balances it out just fine.

          • norm says

            I have had my vitamix for years and love it for making smoothies, it has never given me any trouble, except one time the blade assembly broke but vitamix took care of that. One question, does anyone know how to get the brown stains out of the container that leach into the plastic.

  36. Terri says

    I’m really torn about which one to buy, I love the controls of the Vitamix, but I’d like the bigger motor of the Blendtec.

    Do you think I really need a 3HP motor?

    • Adam @ says

      Terri, I wouldn’t get too hung up on the horsepower numbers. The Vitamix is perfectly capable of blending just about anything you can throw at it, except for maybe an iPad or iPhone, but hopefully you aren’t putting those in your smoothies. :)

    • Tony says

      I heard in a lecture by Dr. Tom Wu on his health protocol that the higher the horsepower the better because it will be able to free up the phytochemical locked in the fibers of fruit and vegetables. He likes the Waring 3.75 HP blender.

  37. Terri says

    i have vitamix creations elite. i am thinking of ordering the blendtec. which one would you recommend over the other?


    • Adam @ says

      Terri, the Creations Elite is a great blender, but if you’re looking for something with more preprogrammed and automatic settings, a Blendtec might be a better fit.

      The preprogrammed settings on the Blendtec allow you to start the cycle, then walk away knowing that the machine will shut itself off once the correct time is reached. If this is something that seems useful, a Blendtec may be a better buy.

      • Terri says

        Thanks Adam. I appreciate your input. I have ordered the Blendtec.
        But, i also heard that its hard to shut off. Is that true?
        But i like the fact that it is programmable.
        Thank you again.

        • Adam @ says

          Some of the older models can be a bit confusing to turn off. For instance, the Classic Series has a power switch located on the back of the base that can be used to turn the motor off at any time, but you can also hit any of the programmed settings buttons during a blend to halt the motor.

          Newer models feature a power button or switch on the front of the base making it a bit easier to turn off before the end of a preprogrammed setting.

          Hope that helps!

  38. Heather says

    Even though the Blendtec is a little more powerful and has fancier controls, I decided to go with the Vitamix since everyone I know with one just raves about them. I can’t wait to get mine!

  39. Jake says

    Tough decision overall. They are both very good options and both very expensive. I went with the Blendtec for a few different reasons.

    No matter what you choose, but from Costco in store or online. They have absolutely the best prices for blendtec, vitamix, oster, and ninja blenders. Though keep in mind that they do not offer all options of each. Just one option of each.

    1) Blendtec’s are on average $100 cheaper compared with Vitamix (25%). This is a pretty big difference in my books and the Vitamix didn’t seem to justify being that much higher. Both have the same length 7 year warranty, though Blendtec includes a lifetime warranty on the blades and an 8 year warranty to Costco members.

    2) Blendtec can fit under a cupboard. Even the new, expensive, Vitamix 750 can’t fit under most cupboards unless you first put on the pitcher, then slide it in. And for the more affordable 5200’s you can’t get them under a cupboard period. I use my blender daily and don’t like the idea of manuevering a 12 pound piece of equipment around. This was the reason I went Blendtec.

    3) Blendtec is a little more hands free. You have to learn how to pack them right but you’ll find that a Vitamix requires tamping more often than a Blendtec. Though Vitamix does include a tamper where Blendtec requires you to basically break their rules and use a spatula…

  40. Tony says

    I did a lot of research before settling on the Vitamix and ultimately bought the 7500. It’s a step up from the older 5200 and the newer design looks great in my kitchen.


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