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Total Blender Classic Certified Refurbished
To celebrate the New Year and kick-off 2014 to a healthy start, we’ve partnered up with Blendtec to give away one Blendtec Total Blender Classic Certified Refurbished package to one of our lucky visitors.

To enter, just leave a comment below and tell us what recipes you can’t wait to make in your Blendtec.

You can earn more entries and increase your chances of winning by:

You’ll even earn one additional entry for each person who enters using your link (max of 10 referrals).

The entry period begins January 1st at 12:00am EST and will end on January 31st at 11:59pm EST. The lucky winner will be announced the following day, February 1st at noon EST. Open to all U.S. residents, 18 years of age and older.

Good Luck!

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Check out our review to find out more about Total Blender Classic Certified Refurbished and use our interactive comparison tool to see how they all compare.

This contest has ended. Thank you to everyone who entered!

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  1. Rhonda says

    If I could own a vitamix I would inprove my smoothie capabilities by adding more fresh veggis. I would also take a crack at nut butters and sugar free ketchup. The possibilities are endless.

  2. Carol Williams says

    I’m in the baby steps of juicing , just began two week ago and am loving how I feel. I would definitely juice up more leafy vegetables.

  3. Joan Goppold says

    I would like to make green smoothies, as I have health issues preventing me from getting proper nutrition, and a blender would be so helpful and help me get my energy back.
    Joan Goppold

  4. Misty says

    Blueberry, basil & goat’s kefir smoothies, with a little black sesame, ginger & honey for added oomph. Sooo delicious & nutritious!!

  5. Lauren says

    I can’t wait to make ALL the stuff I have never made before: butters, smooth green smoothies, soups, ice cream, sauces, salsa, guacamole, hummus… Oh my goodness the list goes on!!

    Crossing fingers!

  6. Dr. Pamela Reilly says

    I would use this Blendtec to make much smoother versions of the soups, smoothies and curry sauce I make now. Thanks for holding the contest!

  7. Shayne says

    I just quit smoking and I drink a lot of smoothies
    Right now, I use the manual-way if you know LOL
    That would be great if I have something to make it easier

  8. Cori Westphal says

    Breakfast smoothies for sure! And I’d use it for homemade spaghetti sauce too!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  9. Becky says

    I make dutch babies a lot, the big puffy baked pancakes in case people are unfamiliar. You whisk or blend the ingredients and pour into a preheated cast iron pan and bake. They make for a wonderful breakfast. I also make pretty good ham and pea soup, as well as a nice seafood bisque which would benefit from a Blendtec. As far as drinks go, I would love to try to make horchata. (a Mexican rice milk with cinnamon.) The instant mixes are really not good, and don’t come close to the scratch made drink our local restaurant sells.

  10. Kamla L. says

    I would love to make all types of smoothies especially mango, various types of green drinks, pureed soups, and sauces.

  11. CH says

    I don’t have a fancy recipe but if I won, I would make a green smoothie each day for my mom to help her fight diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and improve her health. Thanks for running the give-away!

  12. Taylor says

    I make green smoothies every day, but my current blender is not nearly powerful enough to take full advantage of the possibilities of the green smoothie. Being able to use a Blendtec would change everything.

  13. Gabriel Kirk says

    I have been wanting to go on a “Juice” diet for a really long time now. Here is my chance! Perfect timing to with it being a new year! Woot!

  14. Jessica Whitehouse says

    My kids have watched too many of the BlendTec videos on YouTube. My daughter wants to put a Kindle and an iPad in it and create a new tablet. ;)

    I would seriously use it for making homemade sauces, guacamole, and smoothies.

  15. Deborah Caudill says

    I have been collecting recipes for all these healthy and good-for-you Smoothies. If I win the Blend-tec blender, I will make all the smoothies I can drink.

  16. judi Prince says

    I would love making my morning smoothies in one of these! Plus could use for other meals throughout the day!

  17. debbie says

    I have a soup called Golden Cheddar Cheese soup that is delicious but must be blended. I’d make that first.

  18. connie danielson says

    I have never made anything before since I currently don’t own a blender but, I would love to make a smoothie or protein shakes. thanks for this chance to win! connie danielson

  19. Courtney says

    I’m excited for MANY but most definitely for my morning smoothies. Would like to get more veggies in for the kids too.

  20. Bonnie Paxman says

    I am impressed with how easy it is to use and clean a vitamix or blend tec blender. I look forward to making smooth soups, green smoothies and fruit smoothies as part of a healthy diet.

  21. Tara Liebing says

    I would make jalapeno jelly, salsa, agua fresca de Sandia (From the recipe site) and some salad dressings.

  22. JoeyfromSC says

    haven’t had a blender in years and need one! lol..Looking forward to making healthy smoothies & making milkshakes for my little brother!

    I also want to make homemade salad dressings..thanks for the chance to win!!

    Joey J.

  23. Jenn says

    I am excited for ALL of the recipes! Especially green smoothies. Besides that I would love to make my own powdered sugar. And flours for baking. Thanks!

  24. denise low says

    I thought for sure I would get a blender for christmas. I know I gave enought So I hope to win one.

  25. Kristin says

    Yogurt smoothies…milkshakes…strawberry daiquiris…and my famous (well, in my family, anyway) French Toast. Yes, I have to make the batter in a blender. It’s de-lish!

  26. joanne gentry says

    I think I have one of the first blenders ever made. It really doesn’t do much of anything. The blendtec says it will crush ice and I would love to have a blender that will do that and blend larger pieces of fruit.

  27. Brian says

    i don’t know about recipes, but our blender broke last year and we have been looking for a new one. we need smoothies! the stick blender doesnt always “cut it” if you know what i mean. oh, and margaritas.

  28. Cynthia P says

    I would use a Blendtec to make milks (almond, hemp, rice, soy, etc.) and fresh nut butters, as well as everyday green smoothies!

  29. Brittney C says

    I am looking forward to making Puerto Rican Sofrito, blended and used for sauces, and to making veggie smoothies

  30. Jeannie says

    If I won this great blender I’d use it every morning to make my favorite smoothie: plain or vanilla yogurt, raspberries, blackberries, banana and a tiny bit of apple juice. YUM

  31. Melissa Marinho says

    All kinds of smoothies and soups! Like the Roasted tomato soup, broccoli and cheddar soup, Cantaloupe-Veggie Smoothie, Jolly Green Smoothie, and of course, Cinnamon Honey Butter!

  32. Christine Herbert says

    I woud like to try the fruit smoothies and also any healthy veggie juice recipe I can find. I am battling Stage 4 cancer and the ddrs. dont have anymore chemo to try, so I want to try all those green juices you read about but I dont own a blender to try them. If I win I would have !

  33. Marty Musser says

    I would definitely have to make something fun to celebrate… maybe margaritas, or frozen bloody marys? Awesome giveaway!

  34. GL Long says

    I want to make healthy vegetable and fruit smoothies as well as tastey dressings for my healthy salads. Fingers crossed that I win.

  35. Bron says

    With a Blendtec in my kitchen….I can magically, effortlessly, and speedily blendtec all the lovely living energies of raw foods of the Earth into tantalising delights to nourish, enrich, energise and uplift all my loved ones, making the world a vibrant, healthy, happy place! With a Blendtec I can do SO many varied and wonderful things…I can be the ultimate green smoothie goddess, icecream issuer, saucy soupier, dip delighter, jam jiggler, fresh flour-er, dough doffer, coffee bean cruncher, cacao creator, dessert diviner, salsa sashayer, guacamole geni, rainbow juice jivin’ creator….and all that with one Blendtec! ♥

  36. Ando Niko says

    A Blendtec will make food creationing so easy. It will enable me to get rid of all my other kitchen-space-clogging appliances and just have the Blendtec on the bench (heaven) – as it covers the lot! I will use it in some way shape or form for pretty much all my food creating for every meal and snack, dessert or treat – from green smoothies for breakfast, to dips and dressings and soups and sauces and nut pastes, to sweet treats and ice creams, and so much more. It makes everything so quick and so simple.

  37. KC says

    I am dying to blend up leaves like broccoli, kale, collards, and bok choy with fruits and juices to increase my leafy green intake. I also want to grind nuts/seeds into cream sauces that work as healthy dressings. Something like:

    1/4 lb Spinach
    1/4 lb Kale
    24 oz Orange Juice
    12 oz pineapple juice

    1/4 cup macadamia nuts
    1/8 cup dried peppers and zaatar
    1/2 cup lemon juice

    With a meager income and lack of free time it would be AMAZING to have a cheap and fast way to add healthy foods into my diet. Eating these veggies fresh takes time and usually means adding sugar or fat filled unnatural dressings. My $40 department store blender barely chopped up nuts or leaves at all when I tried to blend them, so it really isn’t a viable option.

  38. Alycia says

    I would love to make green smoothies! Great way for the family to get their veggies in!

    acartwrightmorell at gmail dot com

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