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Ninja Ultima

Ninja Ultima and Vitamix Professional Series 750
The Ninja Ultima is the latest in the ever-growing lineup from Ninja, a company that has only recently joined the high performance blender market. This blender has many of the features found in other blenders, like Blendtec and Vitamix, but falls short in a some areas in my opinion.

Ninja markets the Ultima as a direct competitor to the Vitamix and they have created a blender that certainly looks like a Vitamix. But does it perform like one?


The Ninja Ultima will take up a much larger space than previous Ninja blenders. It measures 18.5” tall, by 11” wide, 8” deep, and weighs in at 8 lbs. It comes with a 72 oz container and two 16 oz single serve cups with Sip & Seal Lids, which can be used to blend small portions, perfect for a single-serving morning smoothie.

Unlike all of the Blendtec or Vitamix packages, the Ultima does not come with it’s own recipe book, but Ninja does offer quite a few on their website’s recipe section.

It features a 40″ power cord with a two-pronged plug, which is significantly shorter than the 6 foot, three-pronged plug found on Vitamix models.

The Containers

The Ninja Ultima comes with three separate containers. The main one is a 72 oz Eastman Tritan® BPA-Free that features two different sets of blades.

The Total Crushing™ blades, shown below in blue, are used to quickly cut through whole ingredients and crush ice and frozen fruits. These blades can be removed from the container for smaller recipes or when making dips and sauces.

The high speed cyclonic blades, highlighted in orange, are similar to those found in most other blenders and are used to liquify and puree the cut fruits and vegetables into a smooth consistency. These blades are also found in the single serve cups.

Ninja Ultima single serve containers
The single serve cups only hold 16 oz, but they are perfect for blending single smoothies without the hassle of cleaning out a large container. It can be loaded with ingredients the night before and stored in the fridge, ready to be blended in the morning. The cups also come with a Sip & Seal lid which allows you to close and carry the smoothie with you wherever you go.

One difference to note between the Ninja Ultima and both Blendtec and Vitamix is that the container and lid on the Ultima must lock into place before you are able to operate the machine. Here is a short video showing how it must be assembled.

The Motor

The motor in the Ninja Ultima is 2.5 peak horsepower, 1500 watts and capable of spinning the blades at 24,000 RPM.

Ninja does not make any claims that the Ultima can heat up soup using the friction produced by the blades running at high speed for extended periods of time. So, if you’re interested in making soup, you’ll still be heating the ingredients on the stovetop.

It is important to note that the Ninja Ultima only includes a 2 year limited warranty while both Vitamix and Blendtec offer a standard 7 year warranty.
For comparison, here is the warranty information for Vitamix –

The Controls

The controls on the Ninja Ultima are very similar to those found on standard Vitamix models, like the Vitamix 7500. Both feature a variable speed dial with settings from 1-10 that allow you to adjust the speed of the motor.

They also both have a pulse toggle which allows you to start and stop the motor in short bursts, but the Vitamix has a separate toggle for this feature.

Vitamix 7500 and Ninja Ultima controls

Our Conclusion

While the Ninja Ultima may have a motor that is more powerful than a Vitamix, it does not include a cookbook or a full, 7 year warranty, like all new Vitamix packages. If these options are important to you, you’ll need to decide for yourself if the cheaper price of Ultima is worth it for you.

Be sure to do your own research and read other reviews of the Ninja Ultima. This is just one opinion.

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One comment on Ninja Ultima
  1. Bud Crismon says:

    You are so right ! I have an older Vitamix and the brand new Ultima Ninja and there is NO comparison ! With my Vitamix I can make celery soup and with the Ninja you get a stringy mess. The Ninja is all hype and does NOT perform to the Vitamix standards. With Vitamix I can halve an apple (seeds ,stem ,core and all)and make a perfect smoothie — with Ninja you get pieces of seed and lots of tough peeling. Ninja is HYPE. I have both ( I am kinda of a kitchen gadget freak ! )

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